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Tech gems 👁️ #4: Astro DB, Rolldown and free authentication guide

Adrien Zaganelli -

  • ▶️ All you need to know about authentication
  • ▶️ Astro DB is out
  • ▶️ Rolldown is coming
  • ▶️ View transitions tutorial

All you need to know about authentication

Pilcrow, the creator of the popular Lucia package released a free, open-source guide on implementing auth in web applications

Astro DB is out

Astro studio is coming to life with the release of Astro DB. under the hood, it uses a libSQL (fork of sqlite by Turso) as a database with the Drizzle ORM to provide type-safety with Typescript.

Rolldown is coming

The Vite bundler is about to become even faster with rust !

View transitions tutorial

I love view transitions; they're the future, check this out ☝️

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Adrien Zaganelli

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