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Pulsar One Pulsar One

Pulsar One

Pulsar one is a text-based game where the story evolves depending on your choices. You are the chosen one who has to save the world.


During my 2nd year of school, we had to make a game. Our team wanted to make a storybook, during a trimester we worked on it while having other classes. We ended it up by getting the best grade of our promotion.

Pulsar's light interface
Pulsar's dark interface


One of the hardest part of the project was to write a complete a non-linear story. Contrary to a linear story (begin, middle, end), the plot is connected between events, so the storyline is evolutive and adapt to the player’s choices. You can also win rewards when doing certain actions.

non-linear story schema
Pulsar's rewards


This is one my first project, I simply used raw HTML, CSS and Javascript (a lot of browser cookies).
In depth:

  • Conditional rendering
  • Save game and checkpoints
  • HTML5 audio API
Pulsar's character
Pulsar's intro


We had a lot fun making this game ! We hope you’ll like it too !

Pulsar's team

*We dot not own any of the songs/pictures used in the game.

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