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The AgenceMe team (2 developers, 2 designers, 1 marketing) and I build a creative marketplace from scratch in 2 months.

The Marketplace for Premium Design Resources. UI Kits, Icons, Presentations, WordPress Theme & much more.


I joined the agenceMe team for my first internship as a backend developer. My mission was to build their own marketplace:

become seller
product page

Shipping stuff ?

The best part on this internship was the promotion of our website. We won several awards as shown below.


  • Custom stripe integration.
  • Intercom integration.
  • jQuery.
  • MVC PHP framework: CodeIgniter.
  • Custom back office from scratch.
  • Complex graph with highcharts.js.
  • Custom analytics system from scratch.
  • Trending products detection algorithm.

Next project: Alium Bikes

One semester to build a high quality bike brand. Modern design and a custom wordpress theme.