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Devialet Devialet


Promotional page for the new Devialet speaker: Phantom Premier



For this project, Devialet asked us to showcase his brand new speaker in an immersive experience. Indeed the e-commerce page wasn’t very appealing, so they made a marketing campaign, offline and online.

In less than a month, we have experimented several technologies and ideas until the client give us his blessing. The delivery went fine and they were very happy about the website which ended on the homepage of Devialet’s website.

devialet immersif
devialet dense


  • We used component to reuse text types, buttons, containers, titles… all of this powered by Brindille
  • The apparition of elements on the scroll is handled by anime.js timelines
  • The HTML templating is made with Nunjucks and Stylus for the CSS.

The client has chosen to keep simpler CSS effects on the 3 main words: Pure, Dense, Immersive…however, we had proposed a version with advanced WebGl effects, see for yourself:

Next project: Sketchfab

3 months dive into the WebGL world and the startup ecosystem. Sketchfab is all about 3D and community.